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  • 1973 Rogers 75 ton dropside 3 axle lowbed, is 10' wide and has a 24' well, dropside deck is steel diamondplate, has 100 ton dual ground bearing cylinders, has 3 axles all spring mounted, good brakes, has 12R22.5 tires= 70% all on cast spoke wheels, good red paint. Asking $25,000

  • 1987 General Eager Beaver 35 ton detachable lowbed in excellent condition, has 8' wide and 20' long level deck with good plank deck, outriggers, rear flip down ramps, one ground bearing cylinder on detachable gooseneck, tandem axles with single point springs, has 255/70R22.5 tires= 80% on cast spoke wheels. Asking $13,000

  • 1985? Interstate 35 ton lowbed, 8' wide and 21' long level deck, fair planks, recent brakes and seals, 22.5 Low Profile tires= 80%. Asking $9,000

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