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  • 2000 Interstate 25 ton 3 axle tag trailer, good plank deck is 8'- 6" wide, 24' level plus a 5' beaver with flip down ramps, single front landing gear, air brakes, 3 axles with dual wheels, cast spoke wheels with 215/75R17.5 tires= 80%, good steel structure but poor paint. Asking $10,000

  • 2005 Eager Beaver 20 ton tag trailer, has 21' long and 8'- 6" wide level deck and a 6' beaver, recent plank deck, flip down ramps, good steel and paint, good frame and spring hangers, spring suspension, air brakes, single crank down front landing gear, tandem axles have dual 215/75R17.5 tires= 80%. Asking $12,500

  • 2004 Superline 10 ton tag trailer, 8' wide, 20' long level deck with 5' beaver and flip down ramps, fair planks with some poor, tandem axle with air brakes, 245/75R16 tires= 80% on steel Budd wheels. Asking $5,000

  • 2006 General Eager Beaver 20XPT 20 ton tag trailer, 8'- 6" wide, 21' level deck with 6' beaver and nice flip down ramps, good plank deck, Roto D Rings, has 215/75R17.5 tires= 80% on steel Budd wheels, air brakes. Nice trailer. Call

  • 2005 Kaufman 7 ton 32' level diamond plate deck that is 82" wide between wheels, last 8' is slight beaver with slide out ramps, 2 axles on springs with electric brakes, steel fenders, 6 D rings down each side, has LT235/85R16 tires= 80% on steel wheels with 8 lugs. Call

  • 2001 Evaco 20 ton tag trailer, 8-1/2' wide, 21-1/2' long level deck plus beaver, flip down angle iron ramps, dual front landing gear, very nice frame and metal work but planks are poor, has 4 D rings on each side, tandem axles with spring suspension, has 17.5 tires= 80%, very straight trailer. Call

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